Christmas fun

Ok, so I got a bit bored at some point over Christmas and decided to play with one of my presents – a USB Rocket Launcher.

The first difficulty was getting it to run on my Linux laptop as the drivers were only for Windows. A quick search and Scott Weston sorted me out. Then I thought it should really be controlled by more than just the keyboard so I hooked it into the Thinkpad accelerometer – now movements of the laptop could direct it. Finally, as I knew Andy Stanford-Clark would be a bit disappointed in me if I hadn’t, I MQTT‘d it so that the accelerometer details are published to a broker, a bridge app subscribes to that info and (where appropriate) publishes commands which are received by a final subscriber that actually sends the commands to the rocket launcher. This way you can easily swap out the accelerometer or indeed rocket launcher for something completely different.

I feel quite pleased with myself and slightly ashamed at the same time.

6 thoughts on “Christmas fun

  1. just wanted to say, this is a great blog! i love your writing style, and the stuff you talk about (better than you at a pub…

    joking! :))

    look forward to seeing more posts from you

  2. Ta very much – I aim to please! By the way, what’s happened to

    I’m not sure the Queen would shake her own Thinkpad, she might have to get someone to do it for her…

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