Web 2.gareth

Ok, so given that I enjoy working with Web technologies and I’m interested in many of the Web 2.0 (or whatever you want to call it) ideas, I’ve been trying to get more involved. After trying to use Flickr a bit more socially, playing around with Twitter and even starting a blog, I realised I’ve never even bought a domain name. So now I have. This blog is now to be found at blog.garethj.com so please update your links (including the new feed by feedburner) as I’ll be removing the wordpress.com one at some point soon. I might have splashed out on a new domain but I’m still cheap so it’s being hosted for free. That may change if it all falls apart! Or I could host it myself at home…

I also thought while I’m at it I’d play around a bit more so I’ve setup a couple of subdomains, one for my little slug machine at home and playpen.garethj.com as a place for playing around with a few things (nothing useful to see here yet though).

My mail is now handled by Google Apps so I can have email addresses such as somecompany@garethj.com for any website/company I sign up to to see where spam might originate from. I might end up with problems as Roo did so I’ll probably end up manually add these company names to my filters and let the rest fall into the spam folder. Or see how Google manages it first – they might do alright!

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