Back again

Ok, I’m sure no-one actually noticed but this blog is back in action after well over a week. Apparently my host had some major issues and struggled to get everything up and running again – that’s the price you pay for having a free host! Ah well, this is hardly life-critical…

I would have moved it to another server but apart expecting it to be solved quicker than that, typically it occurred while I’m investigating the best backup mechanisms for WordPress. Apparently any backup process would have been better than the one I used 🙂

One good thing did come out of it though – when working out the best way of redirecting domains etc I discovered a great service from EditDNS. They allow free nameserver management of your domain(s), including all sorts of things such as SRV records. Very handy so that’s a recommendation from me.

P.S. Apologies if you already received this entry – I had to enter it again as my database was overwritten. Reliable service huh?

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