Passwords passwords passwords… again

Since the big password changeover of 2008 I’ve noticed a couple of minor problems:

  1. My passwords are completely unmemorable and stored in a specific location. This makes it difficult to use one of my accounts on another machine (e.g. phone, Wii, internet cafe) without planning in advance. It also means I have to backup the store somewhere (and preferably a couple of places).
  2. To access my passwords on my machine I have to have a password to login to the operating system and then another to unlock the password store. These will have to be memorable so I don’t get locked out and hence will most likely be the same as my brain can’t cope with much. Either that or I write them down somewhere.

One option to solve this would be to use an online password store (a quick search seems to reveal quite a few). Firstly, I can’t use these for work and secondly how can I trust them myself? Thoughts? Suggestions? How does everyone else solve this problem? Or is it just me worrying too much…

2 thoughts on “Passwords passwords passwords… again

  1. I think I’m still a bit cynical to trust an online password store. That said, the optimistic side of me is holding out for the day when everything uses OpenID and this problem sort of goes away .

    I like password manager apps like SplashID ( which let you sync your passwords to a smartphone – this means i’ve always got them with me, and they’re not tied to a single machine.

    Not sure what your options would be on Linux though…

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