Italy recommendations

I’ve been to Italy a couple of times and recently a few people have been asking me for reviews/recommendations so I thought I’d throw them up here for all to see…

  • Napoli [Naples]: Spent a night here, can’t say it was anything special but the pizza was yummy 😀
  • Amalfi: Accidentally spent a night here. Very expensive and touristy, wouldn’t recommend it but the coast around there is beautiful.
  • Ravello: This is on the Amalfi coast and is a lovely little place. Not masses to do there but stunning and peaceful.
  • Sorrento: Nice enough, we stayed in a suburb which was dirt cheap (accomodation, meals out etc) and felt quite Italian 🙂
  • Capri: Lovely little island off the coast from Sorrento. Touristy in the town of Capri but much nicer in Anacapri. Very expensive though.
  • Roma [Rome]: The best city I’ve ever been to. If you’re going to spend time wandering round a city, this is the one to do it in. Loads of interesting buildings/ruins round every corner and plenty of gelatarias to stop in!
  • Pisa: Very nice little place but not much there apart from the obvious. Worth stopping in but you don’t actually need to spend the night (though it has some nice bars/restaurants if you do)
  • Riomaggiore (Cinque Terra): I absolutely love Cinque Terra – 5 little towns on the coast only accessible by boat or train. Highly recommended.
  • Lago di Garda [Lake Garda]: We loved it here too. Stayed in a place called Peschiera del Garda which is lovely. The town called Garda is a bit touristy so avoid that. Boat trip to the mountainous end and up the mountain is worthwhile, as is exploring places like Sirmione
  • Verona: Another lovely city, great for wandering. Would definitely go back here.
  • Milano [Milan]: Shopping is supposed to be good but didn’t really warm to the place. Not like anywhere else in Italy. If you go here, don’t buy dinner, you get enough free with your drinks in all bars!
  • Firenze [Florence]: The place to be if you’re interested in art but we’re not cultured enough to appreciate it. Boboli gardens are nice.
  • Venezia [Venice]: Well, we got engaged here. Really unique and fantastic place – not a car in sight. Love it.

Now these are just my limited experiences so they’re quite biased – don’t take it entirely to heart!

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