Wireless on a Dell Mini 10v in Ubuntu 9.10

I installed the Ubuntu 9.10 Netbook Remix release candidate on my new Dell Mini 10v and the wireless didn’t work out of the box. I think this is because there isn’t an open source driver and Ubuntu doesn’t ship with proprietary drivers installed. Now the 9.10 has been released this problem may have disappeared, but in case anyone else sees this, the way to solve it is to install the proprietary wireless driver (Broadcom STA) yourself.

This is pretty easy using the Ubuntu restricted drivers tools: Ubuntu Menu -> System -> Hardware Drivers (in the 2nd box of applications). Note that you’ll need an Internet connection to actually install this so hopefully you can make use of a wired connection temporarily! When I initially installed this driver there were actually two to choose from but it was the Broadcom STA driver that worked. Now I only see a single option available.

Hardware Drivers

15 thoughts on “Wireless on a Dell Mini 10v in Ubuntu 9.10

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  2. I have a dell mini 9 and have installed the desktop ubuntu 9.10 on 4 times or more and have each time had the wireless drivers not let me activate them I get no error or I get a you are not authorized to do this. Each time the wireless will not activate. If i install the netbook remix 9.10 I am able to activate the wireless……is this a problem others have seen with the desktop ubuntu 9.10

  3. I've only seen what I've written in this article but someone did mention to me that other people have had different wireless problems with the Dell Minis and Ubuntu 9.10. Why do you need to install the desktop version? Can you install the Netbook Remix version and then install the ubuntu-desktop package on top?

  4. Thanks, This solved my problem. I installed the desktop version after not being able to bypass the clunky netbook remix interface. After an initial failed install attempt of the driver, a reboot and another attempt, it worked. As far as not being able to activate your wireless connections, that's probably related to the user permissions. Go to System>Administration>Users and Groups. At the bottom, click the icon next to “Click to make changes” and enter the root password (probably the one you set when you installed 9.10). Select your user and click Properties. On the User Privileges tab, add the wireless part. If it's your computer, you might as well add them all.

  5. Interestingly, I don't have that option checked and I can connect to wireless networks with no problems – I assume this means the ability to connect to new ones which presumably prompts for root access.By the way, the root account is generally locked in Ubuntu and so when it asks for you to enter a password for admin purposes, it's your own account password and it's trying to run sudo. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for details.

  6. it wont work!I think I am in the same situation in terms of operating system version but when I go to hardware drivers nothing shows up. I'm super new to ubuntu and I have no idea what to do.

  7. Hi Simon – is this on a Dell Mini 10v? These instructions are only applicable to that device. The only suggestion I can make is to give the netbook Internet access using a wired connection and run the update manager to get the latest updates.Failing that I'd recommend getting advice from the Ubuntu forums (http://ubuntuforums.org/) or reporting the problem to the Ubuntu team (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs) – they should be able to help.I'm definitely no expert :)Good luck!

  8. The same thing happens to me on my hp mini which I think uses the same wireless drivers. Never happened before in either 9.04 or 8.10, aways on the desktop version. The wireless in the liveboot works, but that's about it. Any ideas?

  9. Weird! I installed Crunchbang on my Mini 10 and had wireless connectivity out of the box. It's not perfect though so I'm wondering if they're using a different driver set. When I get a chance a little later, I'll check out what's installed and possibly update with these.I blogged about my netbook adventures over here: http://n3wb.com/boolean/archives/tag/netbook/One other thing I installed to try to improve connectivity was the wicd network manager replacement. Also available for Ubuntu.

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