6 months in Vodafone R&D

People keep asking me what I actually do for Vodafone. An overview of my role is on LinkedIn but the nature of R&D means it’s primarily about identifying new technology and using it to drive business strategy. More specifically, this is a quick overview of the projects I’ve been working on over the last 6 months:

  • Analytics: Identifying how we can generate insight from the wealth of knowledge about our customers in order to bring them some benefit. A big part of this has been about identifying technology suppliers from a highly competitive, complicated and fast moving market, and then trying to work out how on earth you fit them into all the Vodafone operators worldwide, across a variety of differing architectures.
  • Tracking: Determining how to use Vodafone’s network infrastructure to drive down the cost of device tracking (e.g. for fleet management) by trialling alternative geo-positioning and communication technologies.
  • Dual persona: Investigating how technologies such as software sandbox (e.g. Enterproid), thin client (e.g. Framehawk) and virtualisation (e.g. VMware) can be used and enhanced to securely provide access to enterprise data across multiple mobile devices, some of which may be owned by the employee not the employer.

2 thoughts on “6 months in Vodafone R&D

  1. Wow, has it been six months already?

    Sounds like you’re working in some interesting areas.

    How far do you get to take things – do you get to make PoC’s? Or are a box-drawer architect type now? 😉

    • I know, time flies eh? What I do really depends on the project but it’d be pretty rare for me to get my hands dirty in code – I’d hire contractors for that kind of thing these days! We do create PoCs and take them to customer trials whilst persuading the rest of the company that whatever it is, it’s clearly the best idea ever and they should commercialise it. Really different from IBM and ETS, a nice change.

      How’s your reduction in hand-waving and more coding going?

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