Time for another change

My appointment to Master Inventor was probably my proudest achievement when working for IBM. I think the main reason I earned the title at a relatively young age was because it involved things I really enjoy: working with emerging technology, coming up with new ideas, and helping others do the same. The Master Inventor role is partly about inventing yourself, and partly about reviewing ideas, but primarily it’s about mentoring; helping other inventors identify the novel ideas they’ve had, and guiding them through the corporate and legal processes associated with turning those ideas into patentable inventions.

Having worked at Vodafone for over a year now, I can really see a similar need for supporting inventors; so I’m very excited to announce that from today I’ll be starting a brand new role doing just that. I’m now responsible for all the technical aspects of intellectual property for Vodafone, primarily focusing on improving the quantity, quality and strategic alignment of new patent filings. This means I get to spend my time working with inventors across the business, talking about the exciting new technology they’re working on, and helping them identify and protect their novel ideas. I’ve loved my time at Vodafone so far but this new opportunity will mean I get to meet a whole new set of people, and learn more about the wide range of technologies used and created throughout the business. Exciting times.